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We gutted the entire house, including all the exterior walls, and installed temporary jacks to hold the house up while we installed new load-bearing exterior walls. We then removed all electrical wiring and all plumbing and installed new according to the client's needs and local codes. The renovation inludes a two-story addition on the back side of the house.

We used a combination of open cell spray foam insulation, dense pack cellulose, and polyiso rigid foam for all the inside perimeter blocks walls and inside the stud bays. On the outside of the walls on the exterior of the building we installed one layer of 1/2" plywood followed by 2 layers of 3/4" polyiso rigid foal faced foam. Each layer was offset from the one below and all the seams where taped. This helped make the building envelope even tighter as well as creating a great R-value. (Polyiso stands for polyisocyanuarte it has the highest R-value per inch of any insulation on the market. We also installed 1x4 strapping on the outside of the foam to create a rain screen as well as a nailer for the hardie plank siding.

Fifty-nine new windows, two 8ft. sliding glass doors and one new insulated fiberglass front door were installed and flashed. The exterior of the house was finished in hardie plank siding. On the roof we used a product called crossvent. To accommodate the cathedral ceiling, we decided to remove the shingles and install 2" of polyiso ridged foam. On top of that there is a one inch spacer every two feet, continuing from the soffit to the ridge. This provides a dedicated ventilation pathway from the soffit to the ridge vent, helping to remove the heat before it even gets to the original roof. Nine mini spit units were installed for the heating and cooling with multi-stage blowers and wireless wall-mounted thermostats. For secondary heating, we installed new wood burning wood stove on the first floor and gas propane stove in basement.

**LEAP (Local Energy Alliance Program) came and did a blower door test before we started and after we finished. Even though we increased the square ft. of the building by 144 feet, we managed to reduce the overall air leakage by 72%. It started at 4455CFM - for a building that size it should have been 2041CFM. We got it down to 1269 CFM. We also installed panasonic whisper quite fans to cycle the air.

This renovation work was featured in the June 2014 edition of the Abode Magazine.

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